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All You Need To Know About Application Migration

In today’s world of digitalization to sustain the changes and competition in the market, all businesses are shifting to the online trend and coming up with their stand-alone applications to increase sales, accelerate goodwill. Many businesses having a native online presence, to stay updated need to transfer their data and applications to their updated server or cloud. Application migration is the option to go for.

Application migration

What is application migration?

Application migration is the process of transferring an application from one server to another. The application can be transferred amongst data centers, clouds, and on-premises servers. Application migration can be carried out between private and public server and cloud environments. Application migration is carried out keeping in mind the company’s technical dependencies and requirements and also the different enterprise resources.

At first application migration comes across to be a complex process, let’s take a look at how it works!!

As we all know, an application is built to work on a particular operating system in distinct network architectures or a cloud platform. Migrating an app to a cloud involves a set of smart technological processes such as re-hosting, re-platforming, re-factoring, re-purchasing, retiring, and retaining the application.

The processes cover everything right from shifting the entire data, modifying data, optimization, redevelopment, functionality with a different server or platform, removal of residual files and application in the native-domain also maintenance of the transferred application.

Now that we know how application migration works, here is what this intelligent process has for you!

Application migration services are highly essential for all, not just professionals but also entire businesses that run on different technology and the internet. Here are a few benefits of migrating your app:

  • Cost-effective
  • High stability
  • Seamless
  • Easy maintenance
  • User-friendly
  • Better connectivity

Oceans Technologies has become a reputed name for application migration in the IT sector. We have a dedicated team of professionals, who have always managed to render the best-in-class unique cloud, and server computing services for a diverse clientele using different platforms and technologies.

The Different Types of Graphic Designing

Eyes are considered as the windows to the world, so any content when looked upon appeals to the eye only when it is interesting and attractive. This is where graphic designing comes into place, it is not only a marketing tactic but a tool that raises awareness amongst the public in different forms.

Graphic design is not only limited to the print industry nowadays graphic design websites and other digital graphic development is also coming up. 

Here are the key types of graphic designing that you can go to market your product, service, or enterprise!

Visual Identity Graphic Design - This type of design is the generating of different graphics revolving around a brand and promoting the brand identity of an entity. The images, colors, shapes, and fonts here, act as the fact of the business, which is an intangible entity.

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design - This kind of design is a hybridization of marketing and designing, wherein creatives propagate an entire idea of the business focussing greatly on the logos, typography, and the different elements to appeal to the public.

Motion Graphic Design - This is more of a subset of graphic design that harnesses different film-making and video making techniques to make the creative more interactive, as moving visuals with audio and attractive animation stimulate senses faster than just simple images.

User-Interface Graphic Design - It is the process of creating different creative interfaces on software and computers. Here, the appeal isn’t the only thing that the creator focuses on, but the design he/she creates should be highly user-friendly and understandable.

Art and Illustration Graphic Design - This type of design follows an intent of communication and problem solving, creating original artwork based on the decorative guidelines of storytelling. It is used in gaming, comics, infographics, t-shirt designing, and more. 

Do you require services for highly appealing graphics? Get in touch with the team.

The Surprising Myths Of Unity Game Development

First of all! What is unity known for?

Unity Game development is one of the most extensively used game development software giving robust, high-performance, and also interactive, it is not only beneficial to the end-user but also to the game development company as it is easy to operate, quick, cost-effective, flexible and offers seamless deployment.

Unity game

Being popular there are many myths revolving around unity development, read on to know…

Unity is only for game development

No doubt world-class games are built on unity and it is the most preferred to create games, it is not only used in the gaming domain but also in other industries such as architecture, medicine, engineering, and even events, for its 3D visual and projection feature displaying content with intricate details seamlessly.

unity game development

All the Unity games look the same

Certainly not, we all know that unity game development makes the most interactive and easy to run games, so that is where this myth falls out in the first place. It is easy to learn building games on this engine but very difficult to excel and once you excel, you will find out how to add that unique touch to the unity game by changing the replaceable unity components to the ones you want for a fresh new unity game.

Unity is free

Well, it isn’t exactly a myth, it is a misunderstanding. Even though you can download the unity engine for free with its personal version and create a game for the mart, but once your game gets a turnover of $100,000, then you are supposed to purchase the professional version for $1500 US dollars. It is rather cheap but it’s not free for successful games.

Unity is worse than Unreal Engine

Why does everyone think so? However, Unreal has been used for game development from quite a few years, it comes across to be better and more reliable, but from recent times Unity has started taking over Unreal, right from the launch of Unity 5 which got with it, graphic enhancements and also optimized scripting backend. The later on versions came up with better capabilities and it is difficult to make a decision between the two engines now.

3d game development

Want to launch a cool new, sustainable game giving a great user experience?

Oceans Technologies is a renowned name in the gaming industry be it for the web or mobile devices, all solutions we come up with are backed with in-depth technical expertise, experience, dedication, qualification, skills, and creativity.

Benefits Of WordPress Programming

WordPress Programming is the computing language that runs on the language of coding such as PHP, CSS, HTML and a bit of JavaScript for various tasks and operations. It is considered as one of the most hands-on code building labs. It processes under a server, handling page requests, communication with database, processing forms, loading files and managing business logics, to render content to the browser.

wordpress developing

WordPress programming has a lot of boons for your development. Here are the benefits of programming through wordpress:

  1. It is easy to use and has a highly intuitive interface.
  2. WordPress works on a browser, so you can access it from any computer and device.
  3. It does not require any HTML editing and FTP software , it is a self-contained programming domain.
  4. WordPress has clean and basic content which makes it highly search engine friendly and you can use tags to enhance search engine optimisation efforts.
  5. It is easy to maintain and enables easy updating and control on the site without help of a web designer.
  6. WordPress is 100% customisable and it works as the website engine , giving a unique user experience.
  7. This programming has built-in blog templates that make the blog on-the go, making it easy to set-up, dynamic and highly immersive due to its interactive extensions.
  8. WordPress has a diverse range of free and reasonable plug-ins to extend functionality of your website.
  9. It has a large capacity of holding thousands of pages with high- performance, making your website robust and productive.
  10. It is very easy to share access to your wordpress website , this enables flexible set-up for multiple users and administrators. 
  11. WordPress not only functions on computers but is highly responsive on mobile phones and other devices too.
  12. As there is no need for a designer or a creative personnel , wordpress comes across to be the most cost-effective programming domain.
  13. WordPress has convenient syndication allowing association across directories and other platforms.
  14. Instant updating and maintaining of wordpress sites makes it ideal for intense content marketing.
  15. The wordpress site theme enables seamless integration with social media sites due to its syndication and plug-in capabilities.

Almost 60 million websites use wordpress as their programming language. It is like an online tool that can be accessed by anyone if they have an account. Over 35% of the web world runs on wordpress it is extensively used to create basic websites, blogging platforms, web portals, enterprise websites and web applications too! 

For the top wordpress Developing in India, get in touch with one of the most renowned wordpress development companies, Ocean Technologies! We offer a unique experience with each solution, making it high in engagement and entertainment value at great optimal levels. Work with us, hire our expert professionals, for further information and queries Contact us.

The Elements of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been the technological advancement bringing an all new revolution in this digital era. The scope of AI is ever increasing with its entrance into the different sectors of the economy in different forms be it applications or the integrations into hardware.

Here are the building points that make artificial intelligence development the most power-packed in today’s time!

artificial intelligence

Natural Language Processing- This is a concept of AI that deals with the intercommunication between humans and computers using a readable, sensible, understandable and flexible language. This concept comes into play for language translation, word processors and personal assistant apps in today’s time.

Machine Learning – This is a methodology that AI follows, it automates building models of analytics. It is highly capable of identifying patterns, learning from inputs and also making valuable decisions without human interruptions.Machine learning today is used for diverse purposes such as diagnosis, image processing, regression, learning and simulation.

Speech & Vision Processing – AI also has the ability of processing voice and visual inputs in order to generate, translate and reciprocate data as per the user requirement and query. The extract and the response of these unwritten inputs is given out in textual transcripts.

Automated Reasoning – This trait of AI enables computers to reason with components accurately or almost accurately based on metalogics and philosophical implication backed by the applied and integrated boundaries of computer sciences.

Cognitive Sciences – AI thrives on this characteristic as it is, what makes it an almost replica of the human brain processes and also stimulates the different senses in the user involving language, perception, reasoning, attention, memory and sometimes emotion.

Do you want to get the best of artificial intelligence for your business solution? Get in touch with the best Artificial Intelligence Development company for unique and scalable results.

Our robust artificial intelligence solutions are seamlessly consistent with the client’s business model and are integrated articulately for business growth in various smart ways.

Applications in today’s times!

Web and mobile app development has taken the globe by storm due to the steps towards total digitization and increase in digital adaptivity. Apps on the mobile phones are like an extension of websites and traditional online platforms, irrespective of this the web domain hasn’t lost its significance whatsoever.

Nowadays having a web presence or even a mobile application plays a large hand in supporting the different departments in all sorts of business be it management, tracking, sales or even promotion through different gimmicks. A mobile app gives a personalized feel due to its immersive functionality whereas a web app is more seamless, robust, descriptive and informative. Both types of solutions play a decisive role in augmenting business of all ,

Through the passage of time due to the rise in the number of smartphone users and online activities there has been a rather upward evolution in the community of developers catering to app building using different languages, tools,libraries on a wide range of domains.

Be it mobile app or web app for a winning , unique, smart, durable and pocket-friendly app you must hire the right developer or the team, according to your enterprise requirement, matching to your style and nature of working.

For the best in class , global standard web and mobile app development services get in touch with us and get a user-friendly, robust,cost-effective dynamic solution.

Oceans Technologies is a notable name in the field of app development be it for web or mobile devices, all solutions we come up with are backed with in-depth technical expertise, experience, dedication , qualification, skills and talent. To get the solution best suited for your enterprise.

Leopard Animation – Oceans Technologies

Leopard Animation which has created by Oceans technologies 3d Studio. This is the high quality 3d animal model which shows the realistic outcomes and expressions of leopard. Mostly it displays the variations of actions like running, drinking water, sleeping and many more. 

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3D Sample View - Ahmedabad Project

Check out our video about new Residential Apartment Project in Ahmedabad. This has made by using 3D Animation which shows the full project design with house interior and whole building exterior designs. If you want to make your 3d Animation designs in Ahmedabad then feel free to Contact Us.

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Human Eye - 3D Animated

3D Animated Human Eye made by Oceans Technologies. It has rendered with v ray module to give you particular texture of human eye. Here you can see the movements resembles to actual eye. 

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Digestive System Model with 3D Animation

This video shows how human digestive system works. This has made in 3d animation and maya animation. This 3d model is showing very basic fundamental functionalities of human intestines while it’s going through digesting process.  

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